SEO Bootcamp

What awaits you at Seoart SEO Bootcamp?


  • The opportunity to specialize in SEO with the training you will receive for 5 weeks, 10 hours a week, for a total of 40 hours,
  • A chance to earn a certificate by graduating with your presentation at the end of the training,
  • The opportunity to work as an SEO expert at Seoart is waiting for you.


What are the conditions of participation?

  • At least 20 years old,
  • New graduates or those who have graduated in June 2022
  • Intermediate level of English,
  • Residing in Istanbul,
  • Candidates with a maximum of 2 years of experience can apply.
  1. If you want to improve and specialize in the field of SEO, if you meet these criteria, do not stop, complete your application!


Other details about Bootcamp

What are the criteria for selection as a participant?

We have some criteria for you to join Bootcamp. Fresh graduate, or if you are going to graduate in June 2022, if you have a maximum of 2 years of experience and are over 20 years old, if you live in Istanbul and say you can work as a hybrid, if you speak intermediate level English, strong in human relations, team If you are prone to work and you can motivate myself, if you say you are a disciplined person, this bootcamp is for you!

What awaits you during the selection of the participants?

After the applications are collected at the first stage, the candidates' CV will be evaluated. If you pass this stage, it will be sent to the Level Test side, if you are successful, we will interview you for an interview. If you are successful in this step, you will be entitled to participate in the training.

What awaits you during the bootcamp process?

After you are accepted into training, you will begin an intense training marathon. Beginning during Bootcamp; You will learn seo starting from level. The program will be held online. At the end of the training, you will graduate with a project presentation.

How long will Bootcamp last?

The training will last for 5 weeks, 40 hours in total. Within the scope of this camp, which will last for 5 weeks, you will take 10 hours of lessons per week. Training hours and days according to suitability; may vary.

What will happen when Bootcamp is complete?

When you complete Bootcamp, you will have received 40 hours of training in the field of seo and you will have done a project in this field. By improving yourself, you will take a step in the sector and you will have taken the first steps of your dream career.

Does Bootcamp provide me with a job opportunity?

In case you successfully complete Bootcamp and graduate, we can provide you with a job opportunity in the SEOART team. In the position of SEO specialist, you may have the opportunity to be hired as an SEO Specialist by passing the final interviews, but there is no guarantee of employment after this training.

What else will I gain as a result of the training?

We will give you a certificate of participation if you successfully complete the training and have attended the training regularly. In this way, you will have a document that you can add to your resume. In addition, you will have reached the level of equipment that you can work in the field of SEO in any company.

Deadline for applications: April 21