Core Update

Google updates its algorithms every year. It came to my 2020 Google algorithm updates for the first time on January 13. The algorithm, which came in January, has undergone a slight ranking change with the core Update, that is, the update of the searches with the Wide core update.

Featured Snippet De-Duping

Another update came on January 22nd, Featured Snippet De-duping is an update for sites ranked first in Google. The websites that are included in this update with zero position (zero position) are arranged so that they do not appear on the same pages.

Unconfirmed Update

MozCast recorded very high volatility, peaking at 105.0°F, just two days after recording a temperature of 101.3°F. While Google does not confirm these specific dates, both events took place during the launch of the Product Reviews Update December 1-21.

Top Stories New Design

Approved Google, even though it's not a traditional algorithm update, in the design of Top Stories, by splitting it into two columns on the desktop and (in most cases) the end of the news. has issued a major overhaul, significantly increasing the amount of SERP real estate occupied by its properties.

Product Review Update

On December 1, Google announced another update (and a refresh of the April 2021 update) to reward high-quality product reviews. The relevance of this update; It spreads throughout the week and MozCast has a couple of days in December. It is reported to record high SERP volatility daily.

November 2021 Kernel Update

On November 17, Google announced that a core update would be available. While this update is officially finalized at the end of November, most watch sites offer one-day strength; showed an increase (on November 17, MozCast reached 101.7 F). The conflict with Black Friday sparked controversy in the SEO community.

November 2021 Spam Update

Google has announced another massive spam update, rolling out in about 8 days. MozCast peaked at 96.9°F on November 2. Unlike the July update, Google calls it "link spam" specifically. Update, and didn't give much detail about targeted sites and tactics.

Page Title Rewrite

As of August 16, SEOs have started noticing a significant increase in Google's rewrites of page titles in the SERPs. Google later approved this change (but not the exact date) and the result; It downplayed some changes in September after many complaints about quality issues.