's SEO Surge: Over 550% Organic Traffic Growth and Industry Leadership in 7 Years with SEOART's SEO Ascension: Over 550% Organic Traffic Increase and Sectoral Leadership in 7 Years with SEOART Collaboration

This case study explores the strategic collaboration between and SEOART, highlighting their significant achievements in the e-commerce arena. It delves into how managed to gain a competitive edge and strengthen its online presence through effective SEO practices and digital marketing strategies amidst the rapidly evolving e-commerce market in Turkey. The study illustrates the challenges faced from the beginning, the innovative solutions implemented, and the remarkable outcomes that underscore the vital role of SEO in digital market success.

1- What is a Case Study? A case study is a research method that provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis on a specific subject. Widely used in the business world and academic studies, it offers in-depth insights into how a project, strategy, or practice was implemented and its results achieved.

Dynamics of E-Commerce in Turkey E-commerce in Turkey is a rapidly growing sector with continually changing dynamics. Effective implementation of digital marketing strategies, particularly search engine optimization (SEO), is crucial for success in this sector.

Profile of is one of Turkey's leading online price comparison platforms. It offers users the ability to compare prices across various categories, aiding in informed shopping decisions. With a wide range of products and user-friendly interface, holds a significant position in the e-commerce sector.

Profile of SEOART Agency SEOART is an agency specialized in digital marketing and SEO. With deep knowledge in technical SEO, content optimization, and link building, SEOART aims to strengthen the digital presence and organic traffic of its clients.

Reasons for Collaboration The collaboration between SEOART and aimed to enhance's competitive strength in the online market and improve its search engine rankings. SEOART's expertise in SEO was an ideal choice to help achieve a more effective digital position.

This collaboration provided with the opportunity to offer a better online experience to its users and strengthen its competitive position in the sector. Aiming to play a significant role in the digital transformation of the e-commerce sector, this partnership sought to create synergy by combining the expertise of both parties.

2- Subject: SEO Leadership in E-Commerce The collaboration between SEOART and serves as a striking example of how to achieve a leadership position in the e-commerce price comparison sector. The rigorous SEO optimization efforts over the years enabled to surpass its competitors and achieve a leading position. SEO Başarısı - SEOART

The Role of SEO in E-Commerce Success in e-commerce is not limited to offering quality products or services; it also requires the implementation of effective SEO strategies to attract potential customers and drive them to your online platform. The SEO efforts conducted by SEOART for not only increased site traffic and visibility but also helped users discover the site and convert them into loyal customers.

Strategic SEO Approach SEOART's strategic SEO approach for not only improved search engine rankings but also significantly enhanced user experience and site engagement. Keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO improvements, and user-focused design supported in providing value to its users and gaining competitive superiority in the sector.

Leadership in the Sector This collaboration helped become an authority in the e-commerce price comparison sector, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. SEOART's expertise combined with's experience in the sector solidified and sustained their leadership in the industry.

3- Challenges At the onset of the collaboration between SEOART and, the website faced significant challenges in terms of Google SEO, particularly in the effective presentation and optimization of price comparison and product listings.

Technical SEO Barriers

  • Challenges with Content Rendering in Google: Initially,'s price comparison and product pages were not being effectively rendered by Google, hindering the visibility of products and prices in search engine results.
  • Lack of Variant and Category Listing: The absence of product variants and proper listing in categories made it difficult for users and search engines to understand and discover site content.
  • Google Crawl Budget Constraints: Limited crawling by Google led to delays in content updates and indexing.
  • Invisibility of Products in Search Engine Results: The inability to find products in Google searches negatively impacted brand visibility and accessibility.
  • Structural Data Deficiencies: The lack of structured data usage hindered search engines from gathering detailed information about the site content and classifying it effectively.
  • Non-SEO-Friendly URL Structure: URLs that were not SEO-friendly made it harder for search engines to understand and index the content.
  • PageSpeed and Technical Performance Issues: Slow page loading speeds and technical performance issues negatively affected user experience and could lead to lower search engine rankings.
  • Content and Site Structure Issues
  • Repeating Content and Dummy Pages: Repetitive and low-quality content pages adversely affected the site's SEO performance.
  • Technical Infrastructure Challenges: Issues such as site inaccessibility, low rankings in key terms, and lagging behind in competition stemmed from deficiencies in technical infrastructure. Problems with cache mechanism, inadequate CDN performance, lack of landing page analyses, missing internal links, and other factors limited the site's SEO effectiveness.
  • Non-Compliance with Modern SEO Standards: The failure to meet the requirements of modern SEO standards like CMS, structured data, URL structure, and PageSpeed left the site vulnerable to Google updates.
  • Poor Content Quality and Keyword Usage: Low-quality content and incorrect keyword usage negatively impacted both user experience and SEO performance.
  • Mobile Compatibility Issues: In today's digital landscape, mobile compatibility is crucial for SEO.'s incompatibility on mobile devices limited its visibility in mobile searches.
  • Detailed Site Review and Indexing Issues
  • Incomplete or Incorrect Indexing: Inadequate or incorrect indexing of site content made it difficult for search engines to properly understand and rank the site.
  • Page Speed and Accessibility: Slow page load times and accessibility issues had negative impacts on user experience and the ability of search engine bots to effectively crawl the site.
  • Keyword Ranking Challenges
  • Inability to Rank in Main Categories: The failure to rank in key categories like mobile phones, electronics, home living, and mother & baby within the top 10 search results indicated a lack of sufficient visibility on search engines.
  • 4- Our Objective: Technical and Strategic SEO Goals The primary goal of the collaboration between SEOART and was to enhance the website in all aspects – technically, in content, and in backlinks – to comply with Google's SEO guidelines and maximize performance. In this process, the intense competition and challenges in the e-commerce and price comparison sectors were considered.

Analysis of Sectoral Competition and SEO Strategy

  • Intensity of Sectoral Competition: The e-commerce and price comparison sector is characterized by intense competition and an evolving market structure. In this sector, many rivals have been investing in SEO for years and have established a strong digital presence. This context required our SEO strategies to be not only current but also innovative and effective.
  • Technical and Content Innovations: Strengthening the website's technical infrastructure, enhancing content quality, and developing an effective backlink structure were among the primary objectives of this collaboration. Attention was given to keyword research and targeting, on-site and off-site SEO activities, user experience, and site speed.
  • Strategic Approach for Sustainable SEO Success
  • Strategic SEO Planning: For long-term and sustainable SEO success, a detailed market analysis and competitor reviews were conducted to identify gaps in the sector, and strategies were developed for to strengthen in these areas. The main goal was to achieve and maintain top three rankings on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) for the most competitive keywords.
  • Importance of SEO Investments: Throughout this collaboration, it was observed that SEO investments not only provide short-term gains but also have the potential to create long-term brand value and customer loyalty. The strategic and innovative SEO approaches implemented by SEOART have contributed to reinforcing's digital leadership in the sector and expanding its user base.
  • 5- Results: Transformation and Success in the Sector SEOART's continuous SEO work for over a period of 7 years has fundamentally transformed the website's position in the sector and achieved significant successes. During this time, rose from being one of the last in the sector to becoming the leading price comparison site in Turkey, surpassing and

Gaining Sector Leadership

  • Competition with and By the end of the third year, had overtaken significant competitors and to become the number one price comparison site in Turkey. Even during's prime, managed to surpass it and solidify its sector leadership.
  • Significant Increase in Organic Traffic: Starting from single-digit daily organic traffic, achieved triple-digit daily organic traffic levels, indicating substantial growth.
  • Improvement in Keyword Performance
  • Organic Search Engine Rankings: There was an increase from 9K to 550K in top-3 keyword organic rankings, indicating a significant improvement in's visibility and accessibility on search engines.
  • Total Keyword Count: Through SEO efforts, the total number of keywords increased from 190K to 3.5 million, reflecting's extensive and diverse content portfolio in the sector.
  • Sustainable Growth and Development
  • Consistent Organic Traffic Growth: Thanks to SEOART's strategic and goal-oriented efforts, has consistently shown a growing organic traffic graph year after year, indicating sustainable growth and development.

    6- Information: The Role of SEO and Competition in the Industry

    The collaboration between SEOART and encompassed all SEO operations from 2017 to 2023. During this period, the importance of SEO and the intense competition in the e-commerce sector played key roles in the project's success.

    The Strategic Importance of SEO

  • SEO and the Competitive Market: In the intensely competitive e-commerce sector, SEO is a vital tool for enhancing a brand's online visibility and reach. achieved a significant position in this competitive market thanks to the deep technical knowledge and strategic planning of SEOART.
  • The Role and Strategy of the Technical Team: The experienced technical team of SEOART and their strategic, focused approach were the cornerstones of's success in SEO. Detailed analyses, innovative solutions, and a continuous development-focused approach ensured the project's successful outcomes.
  • Sustainable Success and Standards

  • Our Standards and Understanding of Success: At SEOART, the successes achieved during our collaboration with reflect our organization's standards of quality and excellence. These achievements are evidence of our strategic thinking and the value we provide to our customers and are a standard for us.
  • The Termination of the Collaboration and Future Wishes: In 2023, the agreement between and SEOART mutually ended. At SEOART, we wish success in its new era and look forward to the continuation of its achievements in the digital market.

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