Emlakjet Became the Sector Leader with SEO Efforts

1- What is a Case Study?

A case study is a research method that provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of a particular subject. Especially used in the business world and academic studies, it involves the application and examination of a project, strategy, or practice. These studies deeply examine the challenges encountered, solutions applied, and results achieved, offering valuable insights and learnings for similar situations.

Emlakjet.com and SEOART Collaboration

Emlakjet.com is one of Turkey's leading real estate listing platforms, offering a wide range of real estate products to facilitate property buying, selling, and renting digitally. SEOART is an agency specialized in digital marketing and search engine optimization, with deep expertise in areas such as technical SEO, content optimization, and link building.

This collaboration between the two organizations aimed to enhance Emlakjet.com's competitiveness in the digital market and improve its rankings in search engines. SEOART's expertise in technical and content SEO was an ideal choice to help Emlakjet.com achieve a more visible and effective position in the digital space.

This partnership provided Emlakjet.com with the opportunity to offer a better online experience and strengthen its competitive position in the sector. Aiming to play a significant role in the digital transformation of the real estate sector, this collaboration focused on combining the expertise of both parties to create synergy.

Emlakjet SEOART ile SEO Başarısı

2- Subject

The collaboration between Emlakjet and SEOART is an example that emphasizes the critical importance of digital marketing and SEO optimization in the real estate sector. This partnership has enabled Emlakjet to achieve a leading position in the sector through years of meticulous and strategic SEO work.

Digital Transformation in the Sector

The real estate sector is rapidly transitioning from traditional business models to digital platforms. This transformation is particularly evident in online real estate buying, selling, and renting. Emlakjet aimed to play a pioneering role in this transformation, with SEOART's expertise being a critical factor in maximizing the company's online visibility and reach.

Importance of SEO Work

SEOART's implemented SEO strategies have elevated Emlakjet to higher rankings in search engines, effectively reaching potential customers and thus enhancing its competitive strength in the digital market. Activities such as keyword optimization, content development, technical SEO improvements, and focusing on user experience have helped Emlakjet reach its target audience more effectively and increase brand awareness.

Path to Sector Leadership

With the support of SEOART, Emlakjet has reinforced its leadership in the real estate sector by effectively utilizing digital marketing strategies. During this process, it has been proven that SEO not only increases website traffic but also plays a fundamental role in achieving the company's overall business goals.

3- Challenges

At the beginning of the collaboration between SEOART and Emlakjet.com, a series of technical SEO challenges were encountered that hindered the success of the project. These challenges focused on creating a website structure compatible with Google's search engine algorithms and best practice standards.

Technical Infrastructure and Site Structure Issues

At the start of the project, Emlakjet.com's website faced issues such as insufficient visibility of real estate listings in Google search results and ineffective listing of ads. Pages created with repeating keywords and lacking content quality led to a disorganized and inefficient content structure, causing the search engines to perceive the site as low quality.

Keyword and Content Optimization Deficiencies

Deficiencies in the site's technical structure and content quality hindered achieving desired rankings for key terms. Even for critical sector keywords like "real estate," "rental house," "sale plot," the site did not appear in the top 10 results, leaving it behind in the competition.

Non-Compliance with Modern SEO Standards

The site's technical infrastructure issues, including ineffective rendering by Google, a faulty cache mechanism, inadequate CDN performance, ineffective landing page analysis, lack of internal links, and low-quality content, were significant factors. Non-compliance with modern SEO standards like CMS, Structured Data, URL structure, and Core Web Vitals left the site vulnerable to Google updates.

These technical and content challenges were the primary obstacles that needed to be overcome for the project to progress successfully.

4- Our Goal

The primary goal of Emlakjet.com's collaboration with SEOART was to rapidly improve the website's technical structure, content quality, and backlink profile, aligning it with Google's guidelines to maximize performance. Our main aim was to position the website in the top three rankings for the most competitive keywords in the real estate sector.

Analysis of the Sector's Competition

The real estate sector is characterized by intense competition and constantly changing market dynamics. In this sector, websites that have made significant investments in SEO over the years have established a solid digital presence. This scenario indicated that Emlakjet.com's SEO strategies needed to be not only current but also innovative and effective.

Technical and Content Innovations

The project focused on aligning the site's structure and content with Google's current SEO guidelines. Actions such as strengthening the technical infrastructure, optimizing content for users and search engines, and developing an effective backlink structure were among the primary objectives.

Strategic SEO Planning

Strategic planning was implemented to achieve these goals, identifying gaps in the market through sector analysis and competitor reviews, aiming to strengthen Emlakjet.com in these areas. Key steps included keyword selection and targeting, on-site and off-site SEO activities, user experience, and site speed.

5- Results

Over the five-year collaboration between Emlakjet.com and SEOART, significant improvements in the website's organic search performance were recorded. These improvements were made possible through the effective implementation of technical and content SEO strategies.

Significant Increase in Organic Traffic

  • Organic Traffic Growth: The website experienced over 250% organic traffic growth each year since the project's inception, indicating a significant increase in the site's visibility in search engines and the likelihood of users finding the site.
  • Daily Average Traffic: From the start of the project, the average daily organic traffic was increased by 12 times, significantly expanding the site's user base and impact in the market.
  • Improvement in Search Engine Rankings: The website saw a nine-fold net increase in search engine result page (SERP) rankings, indicating Emlakjet.com's higher positioning for competitive sector keywords and achieving leadership positions in these terms.
  • Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR): The initial average CTR of 1.3% improved by 180%, indicating an increased likelihood of users clicking on Emlakjet.com in search results.
  • Technical SEO Success: Google's crawl budget for the site increased by eight times, allowing for more frequent indexing and faster visibility of current content in search results.
  • Core Web Vitals Improvement: Core Web Vitals metrics improved by 100%, indicating significant advancements in the site's user experience and technical performance, transitioning from zero 'good' URLs to 100% 'good' URLs.
  • Market Leadership and Location-Based Success: Emlakjet.com surpassed competitors such as zingat.com and hürriyet emlak (now hepsiemlak.com), taking many key terms from sahibinden.com and rising to a leading position in the sector. The site also achieved leadership in important terms in location-based searches and created market-leading categories. Investments in major cities like Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, and Bursa were increased thanks to this organic growth.

6- Information

The successes achieved as a result of the collaboration between Emlakjet.com and SEOART demonstrate that SEO is much more than just improving a website's technical structure. These successes highlight the importance of a strategic and target-oriented approach in a highly competitive sector environment.

The Critical Importance of SEO

SEO has become a necessity in digital marketing, especially in sectors with intense competition like real estate. In the project with Emlakjet.com, it was proven that SEO work not only significantly increased site traffic and brand visibility but also played a crucial role in achieving overall business goals.

Strategic Approach of Our Technical Team

The success achieved in the project is a result of the meticulous work of SEOART's experienced and technically knowledgeable team. At every step, we moved with an analytical mindset and strategic planning, continuously striving to achieve the customer's goals. This target-oriented approach forms the foundation of our projects' successful outcomes.

Our Standards and Continuous Success

At SEOART, we approach each project meticulously and aim to achieve successes that exceed industry standards. Each new project is a new challenge and an opportunity to write a success story. The successes achieved by Emlakjet.com reflect our team's knowledge, effort, and strategic approach, indicating that such achievements are standard for SEOART and provide a trustworthy foundation for future projects.

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