Revolution in the News Industry:'s SEO Migration Success with 50 Million Traffic

", in collaboration with SEOART, has revolutionized the digital news sector, achieving a massive traffic gain of 50 million during its site migration process. This success story highlights the importance of innovative approaches and strategic planning in the industry."

1- What is a Case Study? A case study is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of a specific topic or project. Commonly used in business and academic fields, this method examines the implementation of a strategy, practice, or project, and analyzes the outcomes. These analyses provide valuable insights and learnings from real-world examples.

Context of the Subject: In Turkey's news sector, standing out in the digital space and achieving sustainable success, especially from an SEO perspective, brings significant challenges., as one of Turkey's most established and recognized news sites, partnered with SEOART to overcome these challenges and reinforce its digital leadership. SEOART, specialized in digital marketing and SEO, played a critical role in enhancing's online visibility and overcoming these challenges. This collaboration particularly focused on improving's SEO performance during its site migration process.

2- Subject: Hurriyet and SEOART's Leadership in SEO for the News Sector The collaboration between Hurriyet and SEOART is an excellent example of attaining digital leadership in the news sector through a long-term and comprehensive SEO strategy. Hurriyet, as one of Turkey's most recognized news platforms, sought the expertise of SEOART to stand out in the digital market and achieve sustainable success. The collaboration encompassed a large-scale site migration project, involving the transfer of Hurriyet's 25 million pages to a new infrastructure and URL changes.

The innovative and strategic SEO practices implemented by the SEOART team resulted in a 99.99% success rate in this transition. This successful migration not only strengthened Hurriyet’s website infrastructure but also significantly increased organic traffic. This development was crucial in reinforcing Hurriyet’s digital leadership in the news sector and enhancing access and engagement for its users.

SEOART's work on this project enabled Hurriyet's news content to be discovered and read by a wider audience, significantly enhancing the brand's online visibility and engagement. This collaboration demonstrates the importance of strategic SEO implementation and technical skills in the success of brands in the digital market.

3- Challenges:'s SEO Challenges in Technical and URL Structure The SEO challenges faced by included complexities in site architecture and URL structure, which negatively impacted the site's SEO performance.

Technical SEO Obstacles and URL Structure Challenges

Site Redesign and Technical Improvements: The redesign of for both desktop and mobile platforms significantly enhanced user experience and interface quality. Strengthening the Technical Infrastructure: Enhancing the site's infrastructure to comply with modern SEO standards improved critical SEO factors like page speed and accessibility. Data and URL Migration

Data Migration: Successfully transferring old content and data to the new system preserved the site's historical value and SEO accumulation. URL Structure Change: The transition to a new URL structure improved the indexing and understanding of the content by search engines. Improved Site Performance

Google AMP and Top Stories Performance: Improvements made by SEOART enabled to perform better in Google AMP and Top Stories, leading to faster indexing. Shortening News Indexing Time: News content was indexed by Google in under 20 seconds instead of 28 minutes, enabling timely delivery of current content to users. 5- Results:'s SEO Success and Leadership The continuous 5-year collaboration between and SEOART resulted in significant achievements in digital marketing and SEO in the news sector. These successes were made possible through technical improvements and strategic content management.

Leadership in the Industry and Competitive Advantage

Industry Leadership: With the support of SEOART, rose to the leading position in the news sector within just one year, surpassing significant competitors like,,, and, enhancing its visibility and reach in search engines. Significant Increase in Organic Traffic: The site's daily organic traffic increased from an average of 350K to 4M, significantly expanding its user base and market impact. Sustainable Growth and Development

Consistent Growth in Organic Traffic: displayed a consistent growth pattern in organic traffic each year, thanks to SEOART's strategic and goal-oriented efforts.