SEO Case Study:'s Digital Success Story with SEOART

Introduction to the SEO Case Study

An SEO case study involves the application of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to a website and analyzing the results of these strategies. This case study offers a detailed record of the tactics used, the challenges encountered, and the successes achieved in a specific project. Such studies are utilized to measure the effectiveness of SEO strategies, identify improvements, and provide valuable insights for future projects.

Profile of is one of Turkey's leading online insurance service platforms. It offers various insurance products like vehicle insurance, traffic insurance, and health insurance, making insurance purchasing easy and quick in the digital realm. Its customer-centric service approach and extensive product range have established it as a significant player in the insurance sector.

Profile of SEOART Agency

SEOART is an agency specializing in digital marketing and SEO. It possesses deep expertise in areas such as technical SEO, content optimization, link building, and enhancing user experience. SEOART aims to strengthen its clients' digital presence, boosting their online visibility and organic traffic.

Reasons for Collaboration

The collaboration between SEOART and was initiated with the goal of enhancing's competitive strength in the online market and achieving higher rankings on search engines. SEOART's expertise in technical and content-related SEO was seen as an ideal choice to help gain a more effective position in the digital realm.

This collaboration aimed to provide a better online experience for's users and strengthen its competitive position in the sector.


At the beginning of the collaboration between SEOART and, the challenges faced in the area of technical SEO were significant. These challenges were primarily based on aligning the website structure with Google's search engine algorithms and best practices.

Technical Infrastructure and Site Structure Issues

Initially, the technical infrastructure of seemed to hinder the effective crawling and indexing of the site by Google's search engine crawlers (Googlebot). This issue stemmed from factors like a faulty cache mechanism, insufficient performance of the Content Delivery Network (CDN), and ineffective analysis of in-site landing pages.

Deficiencies in Content and SEO Practices

The quality of content on the site and the SEO practices were inadequate. Lack of keyword analysis, poor optimization of content for search engines and users, and an ineffective internal link structure within the site negatively impacted organic search performance.

Non-Compliance with Modern SEO Standards

Furthermore, non-compliance of the CMS structure, Structured Data implementation, URL structure, and Core Web Vitals with modern SEO standards left the site vulnerable to Google updates. Particularly, failing to rank even in the top 100 results for fundamental keywords like "insurance" and "my insurance" highlighted the severity of these technical challenges.

Lack of Visibility in Competitive Keywords

The site's inability to rank in the top 10 for important traffic-driving keywords in the insurance sector, such as "Vehicle Insurance", "Traffic Insurance", "Supplementary Health Insurance", "Private Health Insurance", "Travel Health", "DASK", and "Property Insurance", indicated a significantly limited visibility in the competitive insurance market.

These technical and content challenges were the primary obstacles that SEOART needed to overcome to achieve the set goals for

Our Goals

The primary goal for was not just to improve the site internally but also to secure a significant position in Turkey's highly competitive insurance sector. This sector includes globally recognized insurance companies that have made substantial investments in SEO over the years. This context significantly increased the complexity and scale of the challenges we faced in ensuring the project's success.

The comprehensive restructuring of the existing content and technical infrastructure was required to make competitive in the online market. The main objectives of this restructuring process were:

  • Competitive Analysis and In-Depth Market Study: Analyzing digital strategies, keyword performance, and content structures of competitors in the sector to develop a customized and effective SEO plan for
  • Technical and Content Innovations: Strengthening the site's technical infrastructure, especially focusing on fundamental SEO elements like CMS, URL structure, and Core Web Vitals, to make it more resilient against Google updates. Additionally, enhancing content quality and creating meaningful connections between contents within the site to improve user experience.
  • Strategic Approach for Sustainable SEO Success: Implementing structural and content-related improvements throughout the site, managing backlink building, and effectively handling keyword optimization for long-term and sustainable SEO success.

These objectives were critical for to stand out among strong competitors in the sector and achieve higher visibility on search engines. SEOART's goal was to enable to surpass the competition in the sector and enhance its effectiveness in the digital market.


When the results of the SEO project conducted by SEOART for are examined through various metrics, the remarkable progress made by the site in the digital market becomes evident.

Significant Improvements in Organic Search Performance

  • Organic Session Count: During the project,'s organic session count showed a yearly increase of 297%. This surge meant a fivefold growth in the average daily organic traffic directed to the site.
  • Organic User Count: A similar trend was observed in the count of organic users, with an increase of 181%. This indicated a significant rise in the number of unique organic users visiting the site.

Increase in SEO Visibility Score

  • SEO Visibility Score:'s SEO visibility score increased by 210% annually, significantly strengthening its presence on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Improvement in User Interaction and Site Performance

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The average CTR, which was 1.7% at the beginning of the project, increased by 100%, indicating a significant improvement in the rate at which users clicked on the site in search results.
  • Google Crawl Budget: The crawl budget allocated by Google for the site increased by 3.5 times, enabling more frequent indexing of the site and faster visibility of updated content in search results.

Core Web Vitals and User Experience

  • Core Web Vitals Metrics: Throughout the project, Core Web Vitals metrics, which measure site performance, showed an improvement of 100%. This indicated a significant advancement in the site's user experience, moving from zero 'good' URLs to 100% 'good' URLs.

Success in Competitive Keywords

  • Keyword Rankings: The site's achievement in securing the 1st position for competitive keywords like "Vehicle Insurance", "Traffic Insurance", "Supplementary Health Insurance", and others marked an increase in its digital competitive strength. Achieving the highest level of organic traffic of all time and reaching the top positions in major keywords proved the effectiveness of the implemented SEO strategies.

SEOART's Standards and the Key to Success

This case study is just one example of the successful SEO projects conducted by SEOART. The project's success was influenced not only by the importance of SEO and the intensity of competition in the sector but also by our team's strategic planning and goal-oriented approach.

Importance of SEO and Competition in the Sector

Success in the digital world is no longer limited to providing quality service and products. Enhancing online visibility and improving rankings on search engines, especially in sectors like insurance with intense competition, is crucial for brands. At SEOART, our primary goal is to make our clients stand out in this competitive environment and provide them with a digital advantage.

Our Technical Team and Strategic Approach

The success achieved in the project was a result of not only our technical expertise but also our detailed and strategic work plan. As a team, we approach each project with an analytical mindset, carefully planning each step and continuously striving to reach our goals. Our strategic and goal-oriented approach forms the foundation for the successful outcomes of our projects.

Success is a Standard for Us

At SEOART, we meticulously approach each project like the project and aim to achieve successes that surpass industry standards. Each new project is a new challenge and an opportunity to write a success story. The achievements of are a reflection of our team's knowledge, effort, and strategic approach, demonstrating that such successes are standard for SEOART.

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